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Your Funds May Be Depleted but Our Resources Aren't

“Financial” and “ruin” are words you want to avoid pairing together at all costs. If you’re filing for bankruptcy in Rochester, New York, you may feel like life is falling apart. Brian C. Buettner helps prevent financial instability from morphing into financial ruin. You’ve got plenty of life left to live, so partner with our local lawyer to make the most of it. Call 585-454-1760 and schedule your free legal consultation. We’ll assist with:

• Chapter 7 bankruptcy
• Chapter 13 bankruptcy
• Debt relief agencies
• Wage garnishment
• Foreclosure proceedings

What's the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 is the most common form of bankruptcy and requires debtors to give non-exempt property over to bankruptcy trustees. Non-exempt property could be:

•Work equipment

Once these trustees receive possession of non-exempt property, they're required to sell it and pay the relevant creditors. At this point, the balance of loans is no longer eligible for collection.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is better described as reorganization bankruptcy. If you have non-exempt property that you want to keep, you can establish monthly payments that will eliminate your debt over an agreed upon period of time. Schedule a bankruptcy consultation in Rochester, NY when you call 585-454-1760.