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Family Law Attorney in Rochester, NY

Are You Tired of the Constant Battle?

A disintegrating marriage should not disintegrate your sanity. Whether you’re filing for a contested or uncontested divorce, you’ll get results with Brian C. Buettner. As your Rochester, NY divorce attorney, Buettner will:

• Resolve custody disputes
• Arrange child support
• Mediate visitation issues

Your divorce is only as messy as you make it. Hire our local lawyer for a clean break by calling 585-454-1760.

3 ways your family can benefit from a divorce lawyer

More often than not, your whole family has to endure divorce proceedings. With the guidance of a compassionate, yet efficient, lawyer, you can minimize the damage your family undergoes. There are numerous reasons to work with a divorce lawyer in Rochester, NY. When you hire our firm, you can:

•Receive objective advice during a highly emotional time
•Focus on the promise of the future, not the turmoil of today
•Trust us to appropriately document and file all necessary papers

Be there for your family during a difficult time. While you provide comfort, we provide a winning argument.