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Criminal Defense Attorney in Rochester, NY

Your Felony or Misdemeanor Is Our Problem Now

Don’t scramble to find representation for your upcoming trial. Enlist the help of Brian C. Buettner, Rochester New York’s dependable criminal defense attorney. When you invest in professional legal assistance, you’re investing in your future. You can’t change your past, but you can choose to be fully present in the days ahead.

Brian C. Buettner strives for the best possible outcome when managing:

• DWIs and DUIs
• Probation violations
• Parole violations
• Drug cases

What are the consequences in Rochester, NY?

A DWI or DUI is not your standard ticket. The state of New York maintains an unforgiving stance on driving under the influence. Your first conviction will be deemed a misdemeanor and consecutive offenses may culminate in a felony charge. If your blood alcohol content falls in the .05 and .07 range, you're automatically subject to a 90-day license suspension.

Know your rights and join with wise counsel. Brian C. Buettner confidently and expertly defends you in Rochester, NY. Call 585-454-1760 to schedule a criminal law consultation.